We are pleased to announce the 4th International Conference on Basic and Clinical Multimodal Imaging (BaCI) meeting to take place in Chengdu, China from September 10 to September 14 2019. As joint meeting of ECNS, ISBET, ISFSI and ISNIP, the BaCI 2019 meeting will be an exchange platform for ideas and knowledge of the members of the different societies. We specifically aim at fostering discussions among the society members and profiting from their complementary expertise in clinical applications, methodological EEG, psychiatric topics and inverse solutions of EEG data by organizing joint symposia hosted by at least two different societies.

There will be a number of keynote lectures with renowned speakers, satellite symposia and training courses, and the poster session where participants will be able to present their own research.

The conference is organized bUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of China and Key Laboratory for NeuroInformation of Ministry of EducationThe chairs are Prof. Dezhong Yao and Prof. Pedro A. Valdes-Sosa.

Partner societies



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