Abstracts will be published on Clinical EEG and Neuroscience (Oct. 2019 updated)

Notes: Any accepted abstract of BaCI 2019 to be published on Clinical EEG and Neuroscience must be sent to baci2019@126.com by Oct. 31, 2019.

Abstracts will be published on Clinical EEG and Neuroscience






Anisleidy Gonzalez  Mitjans et al.China

Improved treatment of  axonal delays in Neural Mass Model

2Shiang  Hu  et al.China

Multinational  qEEG developmental surfaces

3Shiang  Hu  et al.China

Elucidate  the hidden spectra of the electrophysiology data

4Areces-Gonzalez  A.  et al.China

Assessment  and major improvements of human connectome procedures: BC-VARETA toolbox

5Balart-Sánchez,  SA et al.Netherlands

EEG  connectivity during a working memory task in healthy elderly

6Dan  Cao et al.China

Removal  of Large Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation-Evoked Artifacts by Simple Moving  Average Analysis

7Deirel  Paz-Linares et al.China

Measuring  and Suppressing MEEG Connectivity Leakage: the Hidden Gaussian Graphical  State-model

8Denzer Simone et al.Switzerland

A  new EEG paradigm to investigate reality experience using highly immersive  virtual reality

9Diezig  Sarah et al.Switzerland

Resting-state  Microstates and Subjective Experiences as a Function of Vigilance around  Sleep Onset: Preliminary Results

10Elisabetta  Vallarino et al.Italy

Impact  of the degree of regularization on connectivity estimation

11Gianvittorio  Luria et al.Italy

SESAME:  a powerful method for multi-dipole modeling in time and frequency

12Huiqin  Wang et al.China

Focused  Ultrasound Stimulation - Transcranial Magneto-Acoustic Stimulation to Improve  Motor Cortex Excitability

13Kais Gadhoumi et al.USA

Post-recanalization  Neurovascular Connectivity Analysis in Patients with Ischemic Stroke

14Martin Lamoš et al.Czech

Deep  brain stimulation of subthalamic nucleus: diversity of motor-cognitive  performance

15P. Říha et al.Czech

Life-long  effects of surviving the Holocaust – a two generation neuroimaging study

16Pan Huang et al.China

The  effect of confidence on perception decision: an evidence from EEG network

17MC Piastra et al.Netherlands

Validation  of Volume Conduction Models with sEEG Data

18Qiuzhu Zhang et al.China

P300  component source analysis for visual attention search

19Urs Maurer et al.Hong Kong, China

The  onset of neural sensitivity to print in Chinese children: a comparison of  EEG-based MVPA and TANOVA analyses

20J van der Cruijsen et  al.Netherlands

Towards  the estimation of lesion conductivity in chronic stroke patients through  combined EEG/tDCS: a simulation study

21Maria Carla Piastra  et al.Netherlands

FEMfuns:  a volume conduction modeling pipeline with resistive, capacitive or  dispersive tissue and electrodes

22Xianchong Huang et  al.China

Transient  Reduction in Theta Rhythm Power Might Be an Indicator of Inhibitory Effect by  TLE Spikes-wave

23Yijie Zhou et al.China

Coding  Biological Current Source with Focused Ultrasound for Acoustoelectric Brain  Imaging

24Daylin Gongora et al.China

Damage  to the inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus in a case of Capgras delusion

25Huixiao Liu et al.China

Community  structure in multilayer networks during sleep

26Min Zhang et al.China

NeuroEPO  increases alpha and decreases beta rhythms in Parkinson’s disease: a  randomized controlled study using EEG source analysis.  

27Qing Tang et al.China

QEEG  and behavioral data analysis for early childhood malnutrition

28Jianmin HaoChina

Roles  of high frequency oscillations (>500Hz) in a rat model of temporal lobe  epilepsy

29Yanbo Guo et al.China

High  accuracy classification of children with early protein energy malnutrition  using an EEG Source based classifier

30Yanbo Guo et al.China

Semi-quantitative  EEG analysis discriminate effects of early childhood malnutrition. A 40 years  follow-up using Item-response theory approach.

31Will Han et al.China

Right  entorhinal EEG sources analysis discriminates between preseniln-1 familial  Alzheimer’s disease gene carriers and healthy controls.

32Wei Shi  et al.China

Evaluation  of EEG change by dichoptic stimulation for children with stereoscopic loss

33Ya Jie Wang et al.China

Sleep  Deprivation Affects Empathy for Pain----Evidence from early ERP Components in  Frontal Area

34Xinyuan Chen et al.China

Efficient  EEG network increases vigilance and decreases negative mood: the effects of  afternoon nap

35Xiaobo Liu  et al.China

Mining  the information of unbalanced EEG network datasets: a machine learning  approach

36Dongfang Zhao et al.China

EEG  Theta-Frequency Network Integration as a Neural Mechanism for Short-Term  Mindfulness Meditation Reducing Mind Wandering

37Jianliang Luo et al.China

Global  Effect on Contour Integration of Amblyopic Patient: Evidence from Behavior  and ERP Experiment

38Siyu Long  et al.China

Neural  effects of slow-wave sleep brain-wave music on deep sleep

39Yin Tao  et al.China

Altered  localized connectivity in psychogenic erectile dysfunction: A resting-state  functional magnetic resonance imaging study and support vector machine  analysis

40Hongxia Deng et al.China

Brain  Network Analysis of EEG Phase Synchronization in Different Emotional States

41Xiaopeng Si et al.China

Study  on the Chinese speech state decoding based on functional near-infrared  spectroscopy (fNIRS)

42Xiaopeng Si et al.China

White  matter reductions in Hippocampus and its associated fibers as a promising  biomarker for preceding mild cognitive impairment (Pre-MCI)

43Ruirui Sun et al.China

The  ACC-DMN functional connectivity changed by acupuncture with deqi treating for  Functional Dyspepsia

44Jiahui Li  et al.China

A  Discriminative Analysis of Schizophrenia Using EEG Signal Combined with  Intestinal Microbiota

45Fuleah A. Razzaq  et al.China

Dimensionality  reduction in zero inflated M/EEG source space

46Usama Riaz et al.China

Comparing resting  state EEG and MEG: A statistical analysis approach

47Ying Wang  et al.China

The drawbacks of  orthogonalization on Source leakage correction

48Min Li  et al.China

Identifying the  “Effective dynamics” of Neural Mass Systems

49Masafumi YoshimuraJapan

Functional  Connectivity in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Investigated with Resting  State EEG using sLORETA